Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hammer comes down on Mourinho

UEFA has suspended Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho for five games and fined him $72,000 for his ejection during the Champions League semifinal, first leg against Barcelona and his subsequent comments alleging a conspiracy to support his club's archrival.

UEFA objected to Mourinho's suggestion that the governing body supported his opponents when the Portuguese boss said, "It's clear that against Barcelona you have no chance. I don't understand why. I don't know if it is the publicity of Unicef or if it's the friendship of [Spanish FA chief Angel Maria] Villar at UEFA, where he is vice president, or if it's because they are very nice, but they have got this power. The rest of us have no chance." he said.

The statement came after Barcelona, which won the series 3-1 on aggregate, won the first leg, 2-0, after Real Madrid's Pepe was red-carded. Mourinho called the game "the scandal at the Bernabeu."

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