Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Schmeichel: Sir Alex is best manager in the world

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel believes that Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager in the world.

The Scot has won 11 Premier League titles and looks set to win a 12th with just one point needed from the club's remaining two games, while he has also won the Champions League twice with the Red Devils.

And he could join late Liverpool manager Bob Paisley as the only other boss to win three European Cups, if United manage to beat Barcelona in the Champions League final.

According to The Mirror, Schmeichel said: "I regard him as the best manager in the world.

"When we won the treble, he had been building the team for years, putting that kind of confidence in us.

"He made us believe we were the best team in world and had the right to win everything we competed for. That’s how good we were, no one was even close to us. When you have that kind of belief, a lot of things can happen - and they did."

And Schmeichel believes the success that Sir Alex has achieved is because he is a visionary when it comes to his players.

"He is someone who could spot the player’s actual level," he said.

"He could spot the player and say: 'In three months time this player will not be valuable for this club and that’s why he has to go.'

"Or he might say: 'I will buy that player because, in 18 months, I need him to do this.' That’s the kind of manager he is.

“In 1998, he added Dwight Yorke, for instance, to the team and for me he was the perfect person to add to the squad because he gave us something, not only on the pitch, but in the dressing room as well.

"He lifted the spirit in the dressing room. It would be him who would say: ‘We have 13 games to go and to win all 13 would be incredible’. When you start believing in that, and the manager starts believing, you start believing it is possible.

"When you get away from it, we are 12 years down the line now, I have the same feeling as you have: Wow, that was really incredible. How did that happen?

"Looking back, I’m so proud I was part of that and I’m proud I was one of those players. We had a manager who is top class and players who were fantastic. I’m proud to have been part of that."

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