Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Xavi - "It would be nice to talk about soccer..."

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has littered the media with concerns about favorable treatment by the officials towards Barcelona in their first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal match.

Barcelona's 2-0 victory over Real Madrid was marred by the dismissal of both Mourinho and Real defender/midfielder Pepe.

UEFA has dismissed complaints by Real Madrid and Barcelona stemming from their contentious Champions League semifinal, first leg last week, but is conducting its own investigation into incidents and comments made by members of both clubs.

Real Madrid midfielder Pepe and Coach Jose Mourinho were both ejected, and UEFA is investigating the hostile behaviour of some Real fans during Barca's 2-0 win at the Bernabeu. Barcelona reserve goalkeeper Jose Pinto was shown the red card during a halftime incident.

The teams meet Tuesday in the second leg; UEFA will meet Friday to discuss matters such as Mourinho's post-g ame comments that Barca received favorable treatment from the match officials in the first leg.

"From my point of view everything that has been happening is sad," said Barca playmaker Xavi. "It would be nice to talk about soccer instead and not these ridiculous issues. We will try not to let any of this tension affect us, which is negative for soccer and sport in general. It's impossible but we will try."

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