Friday, April 8, 2011

Phil's Coaching Influence ... and Soccer:

Mike Trudell of on the influences of legendary Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson-

When asked if other coaches in various sports have contacted him to inquire about his methods or whatever, Jackson said that certainly many have. He listed some (like Joe Girardi of the New York Yankees, Brian Billick formerly of the Baltimore Ravens and many more), and I actually wrote an article on March 16 detailing how one of the world's greatest soccer coaches, José Mourinho, was reading his books and how Jackson's philosophies and style made sense when compared to the game of soccer. Coinciding with this segment of the chat were Jackson's laments about how the game is called now, and how many time outs there are and the resulting disruption of the flow of the game. He'd really prefer the game to flow much like soccer does, and like it did when he was coaching in Puerto Rico (with only two time outs per half). "We can play this game at a level that's much more pure," he added.

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