Thursday, February 11, 2010

United's Desire Sets Them Apart

Oliver Kay, the Times Football Correspondent, on why United is Chelsea's chief threat to the title-

"Manchester United's greatest strength is their desire and their overriding will to win. It sets them apart."

"It is perhaps best demonstrated by their run to the title last season. From about March last season, they produced a lot of poor performances but nearly always found a way to win. A lot of people said it was just Ronaldo digging them out of trouble but it wasn't. Every week a different player stepped up and did what was needed to get the result."

"Last night they showed they still have that resilience - United are utterly desperate to win and that emanates from their manager and his attitude to the title race. This is not the most captivating first XI Sir Alex Ferguson has ever assembled at Old Trafford, but that desire remains undimmed."

"United will undoubtedly drop points before the end of the season and they have produced some limp performances, notably against Liverpool and Burnley, but more often than not they will take a risk and go for the three points. They don't draw too many matches and Ferguson knows that is the way to win titles. Last night, they were down to ten men, but for most of the second half they played two in midfield and three up front and went for it - that kind of attitude wins games and titles."

"If pushed I would favour Chelsea marginally for the title. But this is not going to be a procession to the title for Carlo Ancelotti's side. United will never give up on a title - especially this season. They are desperate to become the first club in the English top flight - not just the Premier League - to win four titles in a row."

You don't have to be a fan of Manchester United to appreciate their resiliency and drive, and that starts with their manager. Every manager aspires to have his team described in the fashion that Kay did in his column.

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