Sunday, February 7, 2010

Capello Clearly In Control

With the conviction and resolve that England manager Fabio Capello put the captain controversy to rest, it is clear that the Italian is in charge.

Steven Howard of the Sun wrote earlier this week that Fabio must lance the wound – before it poisons the body. In his column today, Howard writes about Capello's decisive work in dissolving the problem and keeping the focus on England's chase for the World Cup this summer.

QUICK, decisive and relatively painless.

The work of an experienced Italian with the sharp, slender blade of a stiletto.

John Terry may feel a little aggrieved after Fabio Capello yesterday removed the England armband but he can have few complaints.

We had asked the England manager to prevent a five-act drama becoming a full-blown saga - and he did just that.

With Terry deciding not to offer his own resignation, Capello acted firmly to once again stamp his authority on English football and the national team.

It sent out a message to players and fans alike that was loud and clear: I'm in charge.

The speed with which he acted has also removed the fear he might wait until the friendly against Egypt at Wembley on March 3 before reaching his decision.

That would have been a huge error of judgment. The easiest thing for Capello yesterday was to have done nothing. To have let it drift. To have stuck with Terry, as so many previous FA administrations would have.

With a media scrum certain to follow Capello to Poland for tomorrow's Euro 2012 draw in Warsaw, it was imperative the England boss stepped in and showed his mettle.

I wrote yesterday that Capello needed to lance the boil, not let it fester. Or else it would poison the rest of the body. He has done that.

He has scotched the debate in a damage limitation exercise that can only help England's World Cup hopes. Had he not, the story would have run and run - all the way through to the summer.

And, at a stroke, he has confirmed his control over his squad - the very reason he was bought in by the FA after the easy-come, easy-go, celebrity era of Sven.

He said at his first Press conference that no one was untouchable. He has been as good as his word.

Fabio Capello passed a major test under the scrutiny of the English media fishbowl, which is part and parcel of being the manager of England.

Clearly, Capello has the conviction to keep the focus on the process on building a culture within the England team that will help prepare them for the World Cup.

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