Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'I don't believe in innovation'

Fulham's training ground is usually packed with visitors, and that is because most coaches around the world want to watch manager Roy Hodgson and his staff at work.

Hodgson tells Glenn Moore of the Independent why it's all down to simple hard work.

Fulham's training ground has frequent visitors, Hodgson recently hosted coaches from a Polish second division club even he had never heard of, but they do not come to see innovation. "I don't believe in innovation. There are those people who think that training sessions is having lots of different practices that change every five or 10 minutes. This is the last place to come for that. All of our work is done pretty much 11 v 11. They come because within the game there are people that recognise there is an element of organisation which is not obvious to everybody, and they think, 'hold on I wonder what they are doing to get that?'"

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