Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finding a Way to Win

This article by Dan Coughlin is about the nation's winningest high school coach Terry Michler. Michler, who's coaching is influenced by the Dutch, is the author of three great books. Coaching Soccer Champions, Full Season Training Program - Elite Teams and Dutch "Total Football".

On November 21st I attended the Missouri Boys Class 3 State Soccer Championship between CBC and SLUH. I wanted my eight-year-old son, Ben, to see soccer played at a very high level. However, I didn't expect to see what we watched that night. CBC put on the finest display of soccer I've ever seen at any level, including collegiate and professional soccer. The passing, dribbling, finishing, running without the ball, attacking and defending was at an extraordinarily high level. It was like watching a world-class jazz ensemble perform for 80 minutes.

After the game I sent Terry Michler, the head soccer coach at CBC, a congratulatory e-mail. As you may know, Terry is America's all-time winningest high school soccer coach with over 800 victories in his 39-year career. He replied and said he still enjoys coaching and has a passion to keep on learning how to improve. I was really impressed with that e-mail so Terry and I began to exchange e-mails about the team and his approach to coaching. Then I read his book "Total Dutch Football." I then realized that what Terry was saying has tremendous application for business managers. We sat down for three hours to discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to how he coaches soccer. I then typed up his thoughts and attempted to convert each one of his comments into a management insight for anyone who is responsible for the results of a business or a not-for-profit organization.

Click here for the complete article and Q&A with Terry Michler.

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