Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Crowd Weekend Breaks 4 Million Mark

Mike Woitalla of Soccer America writes of the continued success at the turnstyles for Major League Soccer.

Three Week 24 games were postponed because of Hurricane Irene but the seven remaining games drew big crowds as the season's total broke the 4 million mark. For MLS attendance rankings ...

* The average attendance for Week 24's seven games was 20,813 as total attendance this season hit 4,095,750 (through 235 games).

* MLS broke the 4 million mark once before -- last season, when total attendance, with two fewer teams, was 4,002,000.

* The Portland Timbers sold out their 14th straight game with another 18,627 crowd for Wednesday's 1-0 win over Chivas USA.

* The Seattle Sounders rewarded 36,364 fans with a 6-2 win over Columbus.

* MLS's attendance average so far this season is 17,428. The 2010 season ended with a 16,037 league-wide attendance average.

* MLS's highest attendance came in its inaugural season of 1996 -- 17,406.

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