Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MLS attendance continues prominent rise

Mike Woitalla of Soccer America reports on the steady attendance in Major League Soccer in Week 4.

After the first month of play, the attendance average remained above the 20,000 mark, although in Week 4 the biggest crowds didn't translate into home-team wins. For MLS team attendance rankings ...

* In nine Week 4 games, only two home teams -- New York and Colorado -- pulled off victories.

* The teams with the largest announced attendances disappointed their fans:

Seattle (38,485) lost 1-0 to San Jose.
Los Angeles (21,324) lost 3-1 to New England.
Portland (20,438) lost 3-2 to Real Salt Lake.
Toronto (18,944) lost 1-0 to Columbus.

* The league-wide attendance after Week 4 is 20,349. It was 17,805 at this point last season.


  1. What about Montreal? They got a draw. And are you calculations including the nearly 60,000 fans in attendance that day?

  2. Oh, and FC Dallas beat NYRB at home.