Friday, January 20, 2012

Understanding 'the hairdryer'

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is infamous for exposing his players to 'hairdryer'-like rants on the training ground or the locker room.

It's referred to as a 'hairdryer' when Ferguson shouts at his players, because he is yelling so loud and hard that it pushes the player's hair back like someone blow-drying their hair.

Where some on the peripheral might not understand why it happens, clearly attacking midfielder Nani understands the high expectations that are placed on him by his manager. The 25-year-old has stepped up his game and standards, scoring eight times this season alone, yet the former Sporting Lisbon man still finds himself on the end of the hairdryer.

In an interview with Betfair Facebook he said: "I get it a lot, it's normal. He expects more from me, so sometimes he comes to me and says something."

Ferguson is famed for is man-management style and Nani appreciates everything he learns from the 70-year-old.

He continued: "No-one understands it like Alex Ferguson. Everyone knows him in Portugal, and talk a lot talk about him.

"Everyone knows the way he works is fantastic and the young lads improve a lot."

Players need to understand that when their coach or manager is demanding a lot from them, it's because they have very high expectations of how that player performs or behaves. I've always believed that the time to worry is not when a manager is screaming at you...but when he doesn't say anything at all...

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