Monday, March 12, 2012

Rennie is a master of positive thinking

While delivering a classroomlike session on his power of positive-thinking coaching style to a group of soccer scribes, head coach Martin Rennie was asked which Vancouver Whitecaps' players have already benefited from that philosophy.

He quickly cited forwards Eric Hassli and Long Tan as great examples of players who have embraced the notion of believing in themselves and doing whatever it takes to become better.

"Eric has lost weight and he's fitter and a lot stronger in the air now," Rennie said. "Long Tan has showed me more than I thought he had early on."

The new Whitecaps boss spent part of the session outlining various tactical formations but devoted just as much time on the need for players to rid themselves of negativity.

"If people keep telling you you're not good at something - like 'You're no good in the air' or 'You don't have a good left foot' - then you start believing that," he said. "We want players to break out of that negative mindset."

Rennie said talented playmaking midfielder Davide Chiumiento will do amazing things this season if he continues to think positively and play to his full potential. The former Swiss Super Leaguer has shown well in pre-season play, often looking extremely motivated.

Chiumiento said it's already clear that Rennie knows what he wants from his players.

"He's sure about how he wants to play football," he said. "If he's not happy, he tells you and if he's happy, he tells you too, so that's really good."

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